Safety Tips

Your safety is our priority. Your peace of mind starts here.

People, women in particular, are interacting with strangers online and then meeting them in person. Horror stories circulate about these meetings ranging from individuals who are married, have criminal records, or have a history of scams and worse. MyMatchChecker was created with this vulnerability of online daters in mind, offering the best way to avoid these scenarios with a thorough background check.

In order for your check to be as thorough as possible, it’s best to have the person’s name and date of birth. If you don’t know their date of birth, start by asking your potential date these Top Ten Questions that can easily be worked into any conversation.

Other dating tips from Andrew Scott and Robert Buchholz:

1. For your first date we suggest a lunch rather than a dinner date. Lunch dates provide a clear time frame to be with the individual and provides you with an easy “out” since you may be working and you can easily say you have to return to work within a specified time. Dinner dates are more cumbersome to leave, particularly if you know within the first five minutes you never want to see the person again. Also, there is no limited time frame that a dinner date should last, thus prolonging the misery, if it comes to that.

2. Let a family member or close friend know where you are going on the first date. This may seem somewhat of an invasion of your privacy, but it is a small price to pay if you happen to be with a real jerk – or worse.

3. Do not let the person pick you up at your house. Drive yourself to the location of the date. There are several advantages to this but most important will be that you are not stranded for a ride.

4. Run a background check on the person. You want to make sure the person is not married, a sexual predator, a wanted felon, a domestic violence abuser, or worse! MyMatchChecker was specifically created to help daters be more informed…and be safer.

5. Do not make the date a job interview. Of course, you want to know more about each other, but how you make your inquiries can make the difference between a comfortable time or someone in the hot seat.

6. Online dating should not be like “drive-bys!” Serial dating is O.K. for some, but laborious and superficial for many. Only you know what is best for you.

7. If you are going to be contacting a new person via e-mail, open a separate e-mail account. Do not use your main e-mail account for communicating with your new “date.” Be sure not to use any personal information in your e-mail address that can be traced back to you, e.g. your last name, etc.

8. Do not spend too much time texting and e-mailing before the first date; it builds false chemistry.

9. Expect to be treated courteously and respectfully.

10. Pay close attention to your drink and do not leave it while you run to the restroom. Examine the clarity, if possible, of what you are drinking and if it seems to have clouded up, ask for another drink with a fresh glass.