How It Works



Fill out the form.

MyMatchChecker makes background checks easy. All you need is some basic information on the person you want to check, such as name and date of birth.




Choose your level of background check.

Level One: Includes multi-state criminal histories, sex offender registries and the FBI’s terror watch list.

Level Two: Includes Level One plus county.

Level Three: Includes Level One, Level Two and Federal

Level Four: Includes all of the above plus public records from multiple civil record repositories.

For a more detailed description of each product, Click Here to see our products page.



Check your email.

Once you’ve purchased your chosen level of background check, you will receive your MyMatchChecker background screening report in just a few days. The report will include the person’s name, date of birth and address. If there are no criminal records found for that person, the report will simply state “No reportable records found.”

If there are criminal records associated with that person, the report will read “Record found,” followed by the offense, court case summary and any other relevant information available.

We encourage you to read the report thoroughly before you make any decisions on meeting the person.