About us

Why MyMatchChecker?
Both fathers of daughters and retired law enforcement officials, MyMatchChecker founders Andrew Scott and Robert Buchholz are all too familiar with the dangers of online dating. They developed MyMatchChecker to help people make informed dating decisions before they agree to meet.

MyMatchChecker can help keep online daters safe by providing insight and information about their potential date. MyMatchChecker will assist in protecting individuals from the multitude of online scammers, identity thieves and sexual predators. Those who engage in traditional dating such as dating events, night clubs, introductions from friends and colleagues, and more are also encouraged to utilize MyMatchChecker.com. You can never be too sure.

About Us
MyMatchChecker was founded by two retired, ranking police executives, Andrew Scott and Robert Buchholz. Keeping their families safe and keeping the public safe are their life’s work. Robert Buchholz is a retired New York State Police Captain and former Albany County (NY) Undersheriff. Andrew Scott is a retired Chief of the Boca Raton (FL) Police Department and former Assistant Chief of the North Miami Beach (FL) Police Department. Both proudly served their respective communities for over 30 years each. Robert Buchholz and Andrew Scott continue to be actively involved in law enforcement based upon their affiliation with various national, state and local law enforcement associations including the International Associations of Chiefs of Police (IACP).